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Break A Wish is a podcast where all your dreams come true but with terrible ironic consequences. On each episode, host Maddox Campbell sits down with two guests and one magic wish. The panel breaks down the wish from every angle while trying to come up with the perfect ironic cost. Our goal is a come up with a cost that will make it a gut wrenchingly difficult choice whether you would accept this wish knowing its cost. Then we ask our panelists and our audience if they would.


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Aug 31, 2020

I'm joined by Meagan McConnell and Josh Murray to watch a random horror film about magic wishes I found on Netflix called Wish Upon. Meagan accidentally reveals she does not understand how walk-in baths work. Great time.

Aug 17, 2020

I'm joined by Kyle Scott and Scott Thrower to watch Angels in the Outfield (1994). A film where it is clear that God and Angels exist, but are probably either evil or capricious.

Aug 3, 2020

I'm joined by Korri Birch and Antony Hall to watch a film starring Shaq as a genie and a small child as the least likable main character ever, featuring a lot of bad rapping. It's Kazzam (1996)!